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"Nothing is to be feared. It is only to be understood"   Madame Curie

Security Vulnerability & Needs Assessment

Every business; every home; every person is potentially at risk of harm from criminal activity.  Do you understand the risks you face?  Do you understand what is needed for adequate protection?

Crime inflicts serious economic and physical damage to property and severe emotional and physical injury to people.  Ever present crime risks and the threat of lawsuits for Negligent Security makes effective security planning and management - based on a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and needs - essential.  Failure to identify foreseeable security risks and provide adequate protection exposes your business and your management staff to tremendous civil liability.  By making a reasonable effort to identify and address security risks, you significantly increase profit potential by creating a safe working environment while establishing a strong defense against future claims of security negligence against you and your company.

Before choosing to do nothing or blindly committing to the expense of guards, alarms, or other security measures, let me help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing protection efforts and identify your best protection options. 

My impartial advice focuses solely on providing analysis and recommendations to help you develop an effective protection program.  I am an independ­ent security management professional.  I do not sell, represent, or promote any security product or third-party service.  My only product is expert advice.

As a Board Certified security professional with more than 40 years of security and crime prevention experience, I can be a significant resource to you in ensuring that you have the best security program possible.

For Clients in Nevada

Nevada law requires that anyone who provides security consulting or investigative services within the State be licensed by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board (NRS 648.060).  This protects you by ensuring that security consultants are reputable, experienced, adequately insured, and properly regulated.

To verify a license or obtain more information, call the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board at  775-687-3223.



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