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I am a Board Certified Security Management Professional with multi-state Security Consultant, Private Patrol and Private Investigator Qualified Manager licenses.  My background includes more than 40 years of training and experience in evaluating, developing, and managing security and crime prevention programs.  For 25 of those years I served as both a private sector Security Consultant and a public sector Peace Officer.

I am a former Corporate Security Manager, Police Crime Prevention Specialist, Detective Supervisor,
Police Training Manager, and Internal Affairs Sergeant.  If you are seeking a Security Expert to advise and educate you honestly and objectively - for better or worse - regarding the merits of your case, I can help.  I am not a "professional expert witness."  I am a working security professional with impeccable credentials to support my opinions and the communications skills necessary to explain them clearly and concisely.  The diversity and depth of my training and experience gives me a unique and original perspective on security and crime related issues. 

My clients often find that I can offer them insight, theories, and arguments that they had not previously
considered.  I will provide you with the best possible assistance in evaluating, preparing, and presenting your case.  Please note that my practice area is limited exclusively to the States of California, Nevada, and Arizona for matters potentially requiring travel.  However, I will accept assignments as a non-testifying consulting expert throughout the United States if no travel is required.


Public Sector
: Police Crime Prevention Specialist and Supervisor with extensive - hands on - experience in physical security and crime prevention management, law enforcement, emergency management and media relations.  Expertise includes bar/nightclub security, small business, office, lodging, retail, personal, and housing security; architectural/environmental design for security and workplace violence prevention.  As a senior Crime Prevention Specialist for "America's Safest City" I  provided technical guidance and training to business managers, employee groups, homeowners, developers, property managers, planning officials, and government executives in security awareness, the recognition and reduction of crime risks, and the implementation of security and crime prevention measures.  I advised the City's Planning Department, Planning Commission and City Council on crime prevention and architectural/environmental security; managed the City's Building Security Ordinance and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design programs; conducted design review and plan checks for building projects in the City; wrote the City's Security Alarm Ordinance; served as Police Department liaison to Private Security Industry; acted as a City Emergency Services Coordinator; supervised the City's Police Department Crime Prevention, Training, Special Enforcement, K-9, and Detective Units; served as a Police Media Relations Officer and Firearms Instructor/Rangemaster.
Private Sector:  Independent security advisor to business, government, the media, and the legal profession.  Including: Corporate Security Manager and Guard Force Supervisor for the West Coast Headquarters of a National Corporation; Regional Security Manager, Loss Prevention Manager and Electronic Security Specialist for a major Hardware and Department Store chain; Security Officer Quality Assurance Representative for a Presidential Library; Qualified Manager for Private Security Company with sensitive government contracts.  Licensed as a Private Security "Qualified Manager" in California and Nevada.  Licensed as a Private Investigator in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Licensed as a Security Consultant in Nevada.

Graduate of the California Crime Prevention Institute, the California Crime Prevention Institute's Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course, the California State Police Executive Protection Course, the California Department of Justice Dignitary Security Course, the California Specialized Training Institute's Terrorism and Earthquake Courses, various Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Courses and the Department of Defense Information School.

Cases Handled

Since 1991 I have been retained as a Forensic Security Consultant and Expert Witness on more than 300 occasions in matters involving: premises security adequacy and/or conduct of security personnel in nightclubs, bars, hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping malls, department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, parking facilities, government facilities, apartments, gated communities, service stations, supermarkets, construction sites, jewelry stores, sports stadiums, amusement & entertainment venues, country clubs, real estate offices, private residences, and airports. 

I have qualified and testified as a security expert in United States District Court and various California, Nevada, Arizona and South Dakota State Courts.  I have provided deposition testimony, expert reports, and written declarations in various California, Nevada, Arizona, and U.S. District Court proceedings.

Case Ratio

Of course every new case alters the numbers, but I consistently maintain a Plaintiff to Defense ratio of  about 50% plus or minus a few percentage points.

Areas of Expertise

Qualifications and Conduct: Security Guards Bar & Nightclub Bouncers Private Investigators
Use of Force
Detention and Arrest
Premises Security Issues
Security Adequacy
Security Management
Policies and Procedures Best Practices
Crime Prevention Theory
Building and Site Security Design
Workplace Violence Issues
Unlicensed Security Activity
State and Local Regulatory Compliance

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

Certified Security Professional (CSP)

California Private Investigator License # PI6477
California Private Patrol Operator License # PPO10770
California Private Security Guard #SG
Nevada Security Consultant/PI License # 852

Nevada Private Patrol License # 852

Nevada Private Investigator License # 1588
Arizona Private Investigator License # 1003680

California Advanced & Supervisory Peace Officer Certification
California Proprietary Security Officer Trainer # P-00066
National WMD Standardized Awareness Trainer

Crime Free Multi-Housing Instructor

Risk Assessment Methodology Certification

California Lifetime Teaching Credential

Police Firearms Instructor Certification

California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Firearm Training Instructor # TIF 2307
California Department of Justice Certified Handgun Safety Instructor # CI201316
National Concealed Weapon Authorization

Teaching and Speaking Experience

California Teaching Credential.  Numerous presentations over a 40+ year period to community groups, professional organizations, corporations, educational institutions and military on subjects including: security management, burglary and robbery prevention, business security, community crime prevention, crime prevention through environmental design, apartment security, office security, emergency planning and management, workplace violence, risk assessment, professional development, security officer conduct, personal and home security, and other security, law enforcement and military topics.  Periodic guest appearances on various TV and radio shows. Over 10 years experience as a Police Public Information Officer.

Professional Appointments

Security Subject Matter Expert - California State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Contract, 2012-2013
California Crime Prevention Officers Association - Lifetime Member: Southern Chapter Board of Directors - 1979-1981
[Secretary/Treasurer (Region IV) - 1979-1980, Director (Region IV) - 1980-1981 & 1995-1996]

California Model Alarm Ordinance Committee - California Crime Prevention Officers Association, 1979
Administration Of Justice Program Advisory Committee - Ventura Community College District, 1984-1986
Education & Training Committee - Security Representative - California Association of Licensed Investigators, 1991-1992
California Model Building Security Ordinance Committee - California Crime Prevention Officers Assoc., 1991-1993
Emergency Preparedness Planning Committee - City Of Simi Valley, CA, 1992-2001
Professional Certification Committee - Security Representative - California Association of Licensed Investigators, 1992-1993
Architectural Graphics Standards Committee - Security Industry Association/ I.A.P.S.C., 1994-1995
Security Industry Association - International Security Conference (West) - New Product Showcase Judge, 1994-1995
Education Committee - California Hotel & Motel Association, 1997-2000
Education Committee - Community Associations Institute, 1998
Ventura County Training Advisory Committee- Ventura County Law Enforcement Agencies, 1997-2002
Professional Certification Committee - ASIS International, Santa Barbara Chapter, 2006
Unlicensed Practices Committee - California Association of Licensed Investigators, 2007-2009
Ethics and Regulatory Compliance Committee - California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards & Associates, 2007-2008
Professional Standards Committee -
California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards & Associates, 2009-2011
Certified Security Professional Committee Chairman - California Association of Licensed Investigators, 2012-2013
Information Security Committee - Nevada Society of Professional Investigators, 2008
Community Based Workplace Violence Intervention for Business – Steering Committee Member - City of Oxnard, CA / National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health, 2007-2008

Professional Affiliations

ASIS International (Formerly American Society for Industrial Security)
International Association of Professional Security Consultants
California Association of Licensed Investigator
Nevada Society of Professional Investigators
California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards & Associates
International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators
International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners
California Crime Prevention Officers Association
Forensic Expert Witness Association
National Crime Prevention Council

Issues and Qualifications

Issue:  Detention, Arrest, and Use of Force by Security Officers, Bouncers, Bodyguards and Non-Security Personnel


  Extensive Law Enforcement and Private Security training and experience with regard to legal and tactical considerations affecting detentions and arrests
Extensive Law Enforcement and Private Security training and experience with regard to Use of Force in detention and arrest situations
Court Qualification as a expert in Detention, Arrest and Use of Force
   California State Certified Firearm & Handgun Safety Instructor
Author:  "Citizen's Arrest (Private Person's Arrest)" in Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention - An Encyclopedic Reference

Issue:  Conduct, Operational Policies, Standards & Procedures, Licensing Requirements, and Unlicensed Practices involving Private Patrol Companies, Private Investigators, Security Consultants, Contract and In-House Security Officers, Retail Loss Prevention Agents, Bouncers, Bodyguards, Security Expert Witnesses, and other security related personnel


  Industry Certified as a Certified Security Professional
  More than forty years of experience in the Security and Investigation Industry
  Security Officer Quality Assurance Representative for security agency providing guard services to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Qualified Manager for a security agency providing guard services for the U.S. Government's NASA/Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex
Professional Certification Committee member - ASIS International, Santa Barbara Chapter
Professional Certification Committee member - California Association of Licensed Investigators
  California, Nevada, and Arizona Licensed Private Investigator
California and Nevada Licensed  Private Patrol Qualified Manager
Nevada Licensed Security Consultant
  Retail Loss Prevention Agent and Manager; Retail Corporation Headquarters and Warehousing Security Supervisor
Police Special Enforcement Unit Supervisor enforcing Alcoholic Beverage Control laws in bars, restaurants and other liquor sales establishments
  Active involvement with regard to Regulatory Issues and Professional Standards in several professional security and investigation organizations
Certified Firearms Instructor; Use of Force, Firearms, Baton and Chemical Weapons training and experience

Issue:  Premises Security Adequacy & Negligence,  Building & Site Design for Security, Security and Crime Prevention Standards and Practices, Security Related Employment Practices, Crime Foreseeability, Security Best Practices, Multi-Housing Security


  Board Certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional
Nationally recognized expert on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  Training and experience in the development and implementation of Security and Crime Prevention Programs
  Training and experience in the Assessment and Recognition of Security and Crime Risks
Training and experience in Physical Security planning and management
  Law Enforcement Crime Prevention Unit Supervisor
  Experience as a Police Officer and Detective Sergeant investigating crimes against property and persons
  Author of numerous articles and manuals on Security and Crime Prevention subjects
Certified Crime Free Multi-Housing Instructor

Issue:  Standards and Practices relating to Workplace Violence, Employee Screening and Supervision, and Violent Third-Party Crime Incidents


  Training and experience in Workplace Violence Prevention
Training and experience in Violent Crime Prevention
  Training and experience with regard to Employee Screening and Employment Investigations
  Training and experience with regard to Assault and Robbery Prevention
  Experience as a Police Crime Prevention Specialist and Private Sector Security Consultant providing Workplace Violence Prevention education
  Experience as a Police Officer and Detective Sergeant investigating Workplace Violence and Violent Stranger-On-Stranger Crime
Author on the subject of Workplace Violence Prevention

Issue:  Small Airport and General Aviation Security, Theft and Vandalism of Aircraft and Avionics, Protection of Airport Property, Employees, Tenants, and Guests


  Experience conducting numerous small airport security assessments under a grant from a prominent aviation foundation
Author or the "Rural and Small Town Airport Security Manual" developed under a grant from a prominent aviation foundation
  Contributing author to the National Air Transportation Association's - "General Aviation Security Guide"
Training and experience in Security and Crime Prevention in Special Use Facilities   Training in Aircraft Security for Executive Protection
Licensed Pilot

Issue:   If you have a security or crime related issue that I haven't already addressed, perhaps I can still help.   In some instance my training and experience may enable me to provide the assistance you require.  If not, through my network of security associations and contacts with individual security practitioners I may be able to assist in identifying the right expert for your needs.


  Extensive training and experience as a Security and Crime Prevention Professional and Police Supervisor   Membership in a variety of  security and investigation associations.

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