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“The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence
against injury and violence, as for his repose.” 
Edward Coke

Estate & Executive Residence Protection Management
Enhanced Security  «»  Improved Safety  «»  Increased Peace of Mind

Crimes against business executives, celebrities, public figures, and those with significant income or assets are becoming increasingly common; so too, are attacks on their fami­lies and property.  Their special status makes them a target for not only burglary and rob­bery, but also harassment, extortion, kidnap­ping and even assassination.

Ensuring your security and the security of your home and family requires care­ful planning.  I am a Board Certified Security Management Professional with extensive experience developing and implementing protection programs for high value clients in all walks of life. I can be a significant resource to you in ensuring that you have the most effective home protection possible.

Comprehensive Residential Security Appraisal

Crime Risk Assessment
Adequacy of  Existing Security Measures
Security Services Quality Assurance Audits
Neighborhood Selection
Vulnerability Assessment & Testing
All Risk Emergency Preparedness

Security Planning

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Security Related Architectural, Landscape & Lighting Design Review
Perimeter & Grounds Access Control
Security System Design
Home Emergency Plans
 Family Safety Programs

Protection Management Services

Selection and Supervision of Security Service Providers
Family & Staff Security Awareness Programs
Household Staff Selection & Screening
Security Proposal & Contract Review
Periodic  Inspection of Residence and Grounds
Ongoing Security Management Services

My Background

Relevant Education: California State Police Executive Protection Course, California Department of Justice Dignitary Security Course, United States Secret Service Dignitary Security Training,  California Crime Prevention Institute Crime Prevention Course,  California Crime Prevention Institute Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Specialized Training Institute Terrorism Course, and several other Crime Risk Assessment, Emergency Management, and Disaster Preparedness Courses.

Relevant Experience :  More than  40 years developing and managing personal, business, and residential security and crime prevention programs in government and the private sector.  I have provided security assessments, protection planning, and/or tactical security for business executives, wealthy retirees, local public officials, and other high profile individuals including a United States Congressman, State Governor, a State Senator, several State Constitutional Officers, and a First Lady of the United States.

I Won't Sell You Anything.  Unlike product and service affiliated security consultants and sales representatives, I am totally independent.  I don't sell or represent  any security product or third party security service and I do not accept commissions from security vendors.   I represent only your interests.   My only "products" are the expert advice I offer and the peace of mind you feel knowing you've wisely chosen to protect your home and family with the uncommonly high degree of security and safety their special status deserves.

For Clients in Nevada

Nevada law requires that anyone who provides security consulting or investigative services within the State be licensed by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board (NRS 648.060).  This protects you by ensuring that security consultants are reputable, experienced, adequately insured, and properly regulated.  To verify a license or obtain more information, call the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board at  775-687-3223.



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