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"Trust, but verify"  Ronald Reagan

  Independent Security Audits

Too many businesses learn the hard way that their security measures don't measure up.

Would your business survive a security negligence lawsuit? Are your security policies and procedures adequate and effective?  Is your property vulnerable to crime? Are your contract security guards properly licensed and trained? What is your security staff doing when you're not around? Is your alarm system effective? Does your CCTV system decrease crime or actually increase your liability?  Do your employees follow proper security procedures?  Are you and your security service providers in compliance with Federal, State and Local security related laws and administrative regulations?  Are your security vendors fulfilling their contract obligations? 

Retaining the services of an independent security management professional to periodically audit and evaluate of your security programs and service providers is a smart business practice.  By pro-actively identifying security program weaknesses, policy non-compliance, and sub-standard vendor performance you can avoid the business disruption, expense, embarrassment, and legal liability that can result from a security program failure. You can also ensure that you are paying only for the security services you need and getting the services you are paying for.

Because my firm doesn't sell or represent any security product or service, we can provide independent, unbiased analysis of your security program. Unlike the “free” Security Surveys offered by many guard services, alarm companies and other security vendors we aren't out to sell you anything. Our only product is expert advice.

 I am a Board Certified, licensed and insured security consultant and private investigator with more than 40 years of security management and law enforcement experience. 

For Clients in Nevada

Nevada law requires that anyone who provides security consulting or investigative services within the State be licensed by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board (NRS 648.060).  This protects you by ensuring that security consultants are reputable, experienced, adequately insured, and properly regulated.

To verify a license or obtain more information, call the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board at  775-687-3223.



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